Nothing would make me more content than to live in an authentically plural world.  In order for that to occur, religions must learn how to speak to each other.  For that to occur, adherents to each religion, regardless of its size, antiquity or prestige, must learn what it is their religion truly espouses and consider carefully the proofs of that religion, be it talkstory or sacred texts.  This is  'Religions Literacy;' a state in which adherents and representatives of religions learn what it is they're really tossing about.   I strongly recommend Dr. Stephen Prothero's book, Religious Literacy, for more on the subject.  The next step, after attaining some fluency in one's own tradition, is to study and learn about other traditions so that a conversation can occur.

A religiously literate population is far more likely and better qualified to bring a cooperative model to the table in dialogue with other religions.  I am committed to enhancing religious literacy with an eye to the pluralism I believe will emerge from such a model.

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Welcome to, the premiere source for all the academic  information you need about Deborah Addington.   The site is under ongoing construction as I turn it into a web presence and useful resource. 

I am officially entering the PhD program at Cal/GTU, continuing to deepen and develop a Trans The[]logy.  The early version of the website (and possibilities for collaboration!) await you here.

I believe that much of the strife in this world we share is due to religion.  Not because one religion is right and another wrong, or because one religion should be while all  others should cease to be, but because there is a grave failure in interreligious communication.  This failure is not limited to communication between religions, but often within them as well.

The misconception that all religions are the same, or do the same thing, causes critical communication failures, the ramifications of which are felt by all--religious and not. 

"Pluralism is not a default position, an autopilot mode.  Pluralism is an intentional commitment that is imprints through action.  It requires deliberate engagement with difference, outspoken loyalty to others, and proactive protection in the breach.  You have to choose to step off the faith line onto the side of pluralism, and then you have to make your voice heard."
--Eboo Patel

"The secret of happiness is finding something more important than you and giving your life to it."
--David Pirtle

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