Here you'll find items of interest pertaining to virtual realities.  The one I'm most familiar with is Second Life, which is also where I've done the body of my research on religious literacy in virtual reality.   If relevant tidbits become available from other virtual worlds, I'll have them here.  Check back; things in VR change at the speed of life.  Suggestions for content?  Email me.
This is a 3-part piece by Draxtor Despres about doing public good using virtual worlds--SL in particular.  This work emerged from USC's Network & Culture Project funded by the MacArthur Foundation.
Here's some links to resources on religion in virtual realities.


Living in Virtual Un/Reality

Faces of Faith: Religion in Second Life, Panel Discussion (by the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism)

Finding Religion in Second Life's Virtual Universe, Washington Post article, 6.07

Coming of Age in Second Life: An excerpt form Tom Boellstorff's groundbreaking anthroplogical work in Second Life

Stephen Prothero's homepage.  Everyone should read his Religious Literacy and American Jesus.  American Jesus goes really well with Tom Sheehan's The First Coming:  How the Kingdom of God Became Christianity.

Faithful build a Second Life for religion online: USA Today article, 4.07
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